Absolute Chaos!


Absolute Chaos!


''MUUUUUUUM'' - oh dear god, it must be morning and inevitably, one of the kids has clearly lost something! The funny thing is, I have the worst memory known to man so, i don't really know why they bother asking me at all.... but they do!


Absolute Chaos!


Bleary eye'd I'll shuffle to the kitchen and grope for the kettle, with the vain hope that someone has at least bothered to fill it! Then I hear it.... dum dum der der, dum dum der der... do do doooo, do do doooo, do do! The mission impossible theme tune is running through my head - if I don't get my damn coffee soon I'm gonna crash - where the hell is my CUP?  Every bloody morning I lose it, just like groundhog day.

The milk is simmering and the grounds are in the french press.... the tribe piles into the kitchen and i'm banished out of the way - feeding time at the zoo is upon us and a cocoa pop just hit me in the face, the 'sproglets; have descended and the  bickering has commenced. "that's MY bowl" "i had that spoon first" ya know, all them 1st world problems of teenagers! 

So I shuffle back to my room, boot up the laptop and pull on the first thing resembling clothes from my floor-drobe. "I need lunch money" "have you got my train fare?" "I've got a detention tonight by the way, I didn't do my homework!" - I stare for a moment, into the the three faces that are imploring me to listen to them and still all i can think of is my Chaos Fuel


Absolute Chaos!

Kids all sorted and I can smell that sweet aroma filling my house. It's delicious chocolatey tones are wafting around me and i know, that's whats gonna get me through the day.

One by one, the rabble thunder down the flat stairs as i take my first sip, BLISS! £15 quid a month and my only extravagance, it's worth it's weight in gold. What's even better is, i get this little bag of magic DELIVERED every month!

A cheeky little subscription box,in the first week of the month and it's filled with something for all the family. WINNER!

so there you have it, my morning routine fuelled by the fabulous, the wonderful, Coffee Monkey Mugs!.


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