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Judgement is a natural thing. People make snap decisions on a person or situation. We see something, the brain processes it and we act according to the judgement that has been made. It’s t
he same when we see a post on Facebook, when we watch the news or indeed, read it in the paper. So why is it that somebody else’s judgement of you is felt so personally? Did you not judge them in the same way? The judgement is only offensive, when it is voiced.
People ask me why I favour internet shopping, over going out into the big wide world, so today I’m going to tell you why.
For a long time, I struggled with my weight, I wasn’t the type who could ‘skinny dip’ I was more of a ‘chunky dunker’… although slimmer now, I still wouldn’t do it, these bits are still far too wobbly. Some of you will be saying “thank god, nobody needs to see that” whereas others will be telling me to “love my body”, both sides are entitled to their opinion… but please, when you are confronted with someone who has self-doubt or a weight issue or is simply nothing to do with you…
I take you back 12 years, I was out shopping with my sister. We popped into a well-known, high street store. My sister was desperately trying to get me into the swing of things, it was my birthday and she wanted to treat me to an outfit. She began pulling tops and jeans and jumpers from the racks and handing them to me. Laughing and giggling along we dashed into the changing rooms, she wasn’t giving in until she’d found me an outfit, she wanted me to feel good about myself for a change.
I stood in the cubicle and let out a little chuckle… it was bad! Seriously, I looked like a 10lb sausage shoved in a 5lb bag. I drew back the curtain and looked my sister straight in the face and we both fell about laughing! “no! just no!” As I turned to get changed, the changing room assistant was staring straight at me, looked me up and down and laughed in my face. I was mortified. I got changed as quickly as possible, head down I left the cubicle and handed the lady back the clothes. “yeah, they really weren’t for you, were they?”. It wasn’t necessary, I didn’t ask for her opinion and nor did I need it. More to the point, she was no ‘weight watcher of the year’ herself.
Fast forward ten years and I became quite ill, passing out all over the place, pain etc… and low and behold I had lost some weight. No longer would people pick up on the ‘muffin top’ or ‘extra tyre’ I couldn’t shift, now it was that I struggled to stay on my feet, became forgetful or threw up for no good reason.
Wouldn’t you rather shop from home?
 Trina Now
Now, I bring you to today… not quite shopping, I had to call the Bank. I’ve misplaced my card, I reckon its in the house somewhere but, its been 3 days and its starting to wind me up now. I called, I went through security and then I cancelled. The woman on the other end was rather professional at first, told me that she would cancel it and a new one would be issued. She then went on to ask me if I was in financial difficulty and if there was anything that the Bank could do to help. “Short of employing me or gifting me a huge pile of money, my dear no there isn’t” she then replied… “is this because of your mental illness”
Well NO, it isn’t… I’m naturally clumsy and misplace things, just like rest of the population!
Now if I had asked her about her medical history, or impertinent personal questions about her circumstances, would she still have continued the call?
 So… I guess what I am asking is, have I just become a diagnosis? Am I now a faceless #problem? Am I just my mental illness?
If the answer to the above is YES! Then I don’t accept it. I am no more or less than anyone else. My struggles in life do not define me. I am proud of who I am and what I do.  
What is it that I do? Well… that’s a story itself, but I’ll keep it short. Me (Trina) I write about you all, I check out your products and I showcase them live! As much as I love useful products or a cuddly snuggly bear, I like the rude, X-rated and downright filth too. There isn’t anything that I wont talk about. In fact, I could do with a challenge… so do your worst, you crafty lot, send me your sauciest and let’s have some fun.
Pictured above, Trina.
Pictured below, Sam.
As for Sam, her job is to keep me in check. The ‘saint’ to my ‘sinner’, ready to rein me in at a moment’s notice. (That’s until she get’s a naughty glint in her own eye) then we are ALL in trouble!
I guess what I’m trying to say is, you won’t be judged here. Come as you are and bring your products with you. It can be terrifying letting yourself go and being judged live of all places, so let me take it out of your hands. If you feel silenced by society and are unsure where you and your products fit… THIS could be just what you need.
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  • Go for it girl, (my adopted daughter) don’t give in, we are all here for you, anytime you need.

    Crafty's Mum
  • We need more people like you in the world!! You are an inspiration xx

  • Love this. The world is far to judgy. It’s great to get an honest opinion from you about my products. You’re so honest and I am so proud of you. Xx

    Erica Jackson

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