Knit Sew Crafty - A natural with the Needles!

Knit Sew Crafty - A natural with the Needles!

I'm a little biased i have to admit, Sam has become one of my closest friends,  always ready at the drop of a hat to advise, protect, cheer up and chivy along. 


How it started for the 'Queen of snuggly days'

As a child her Mum would painstakingly try and teach her to knit, Sam was having none of it and just didn't have the patience. Years later Sam fell pregnant with her second child (lovingly named little crafty) and longed to make something special from her to her new arrival. 'Baby brain' appeared to work in reverse and the basics with the knitting needles just slotted in to place. Pattern after pattern were tried  and perfected, friends from all over wanted something knitted and Knit Sew Crafty was born and it's been a learning journey to say the least. 
Queen of snuggly days
From bonnets to blankets or a cardigan or two, Sam has got you covered.... ha ha, see what i did there?. I'm currently stocking up for the winter and kitting the family out at the same time. i'm besotted with my Mermaid Tail blanket - its quite an achievement to get a fully grown, 35 year old woman to transform in to Ariel of The Little Mermaid... "under the seaaaaa, under the seaaaaa" Amongst my fluffy pom pom hats, my headband, ear-warmers and my jumper order, i'm gonna run out of room soon.

Who Sam is to me

Sam is the lady who can reign me in and peel me off the ceiling. She embraces my naughty side and instils faith in me, when i severely lack it. Sam's a mum of two children, both gorgeously scrumptious in their own right and a chip off the old block - both are destined for great things, I don't think she's quite realised that this is largely down to her!! SAMANTHA - you had best be reading this, because I am sick of trying to subtly tell you how INCREDIBLE you are, so I've done it nice and blatantly, today!
I guess what i am trying to say is... You can't go wrong with Knit Sew Crafty! Not just wizard with the needles but as a Mum, Friend, Daughter and Carer. When you by one of her beautiful items, you buy into the beautiful soul that created them.
If like me, you want to see more of her incredible items, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. For a full range of her wares you can explore her shop HERE.





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  • I totally agree. Sam is a wonderful lady and her knits are amazing. I can’t wait for the cold weather to wear my pom pom hat!


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