Trina Leah - Who she is and what she does!


Yep that's my mugshot at the top of the page!

Who am i? well that's a great question, i'm Trina Leah and i'm chuffed to bits to make your acquaintance

Mum to 3 children and a menagerie of animals, not to mention the fella, I'm a 'crafter' with a penchant for all things 'wordy', So you'll see a few things that i've made and i may even have a few up for sale but, i'm the one that's gonna tell you what goes on the behind the scenes. The dramas and pitfalls of being a mum in business. The one who is going to show you that my life, as messy as it is, is also one big barrel of laughs - once i learned to laugh at myself, i realised i could make others laugh too,

So step right up you lovely lot, I've got a few giggles set aside just for you!



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