When creativity comes calling



When creativity comes calling


13 years of love, laughter and above all, creativity by the bucket load.

A lot of people say that she's my carbon copy and for the most part, I would agree. However, I could never match up to the truly creative, loving and unique soul that she has become, and continues to be.

I should perhaps be her hero, when in fact she is one of mine.

It was her birthday recently and she received a few vouchers for an online Marketplace, She trawled through for hours, trying to decide how to spend her money, placed her order and the next day she was thrilled - 100 skeins of embroidery thread were in her hands and her eyes were wide with excitement. I was puzzled, she wouldn't tell me why she had ordered them, i was to just wait and see.

I could hear the sighs coming from down the hallway... if i didn't know her better I could swear there was an expletive or two in there... but we won't go there for now.

About an hour passes and I haven't heard movement for a while, I tentatively poke my head around the door and there Naomi sits, proud as punch at her completed bracelet. Not going to lie... I was highly impressed, I have tried for years to make them and  erm, lets just say... they didnt resemble cotton anymore, let alone a bracelet.


After the first 3 bracelets were completed, Nems set about naming her designs. took measurements and pictures. She had even come to me with a pricing plan and i was blown away. The little legend has even thought about her P&P, who does that?

So... this is where her journey begins, listing EXCLUSIVELY on 

A Touch of Shopping

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  • Well done, glad the crafty genes are carrying on, our immy showing signs that she is following her nan and mum too. Clever girl Naomi. Xx

    Elaine Answer
  • Naomi they are great, well done. It makes me happy to see young ladies like you who want to craft. Good luck with your business venture. Value your time and your skill. You are worth it.

  • Wow what a very clever and creative 13 year old. My girl you will go far in life with your crafting and a gorgeous nature. Xx


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