A Little Touch of Love

Hello Everybody and welcome to my page.
Here, at A Little Touch of Love, we like to take the ordinary and make it spectacular. Whether it be old or new, we will find that special way, to make your gift truly unique.
I’m a HUGE book lover, I have been, since I was a child. Earning me the nickname ‘Bookworm’, I know, super original! But, I must admit, it suited me perfectly. ‘Where’s Trina?’ was a constant phrase amongst my family... the reply was ALWAYS the same... ‘’nose in a book somewhere’.
Years on and I still love to read. My tastes have change as the years have gone by, my favourites are still there though. Etched in my mind as a constant ‘happy place’. With quotes from the likes of Roald Dahl, J K Rowling, Dickens, Shakespeare and more. As you can probably tell, my taste ranges massively... I have a thirst for knowledge and words, that never quite seems to be satiated. My youngest daughter seems to have inherited this, much to my delight. The eldest is just desperate to create and spread some happiness. I guess I got the best of both worlds.
Now... I got a little poorly and with what, they still don’t quite know. As my health deteriorated, so did my happiness. It was my daughters that suggested I draw or colour, to take my mind away from itself. to my surprise, it started to help. I got more daring, I started to create cards, then paint boxes and make paper flowers. One day, we decided on a clear out, there was a box of books that I just didn’t want to throw away. They were so badly damaged from where I had moved so many times.... nobody would want them any way.
A Little Touch of Love was born. I researched what to do with damaged books. I watched endless videos on rejuvenating old books. Then there it was, a FREE pattern I downloaded it and practiced it, over and over. I made a gift for somebody and they were convinced that I had bought it! I couldn’t believe it. Could I really do this? Could I make someone fall in love with books? Maybe not in the conventional way... but it’s LOVE all the same.