Happy Hoppy Frog - Button Buddies
Happy Hoppy Frog - Button Buddies

Happy Hoppy Frog - Button Buddies

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These 'Happy Hoppy Frog' Button Buddies are sure to raise a smile.
Maybe you could name, your new little friend... How about Frederick Frog?


Pack of 2

For many years I researched an alternative to sensitivity from medical gauze and sticking plaster after my granddaughter was having problems with redness and tenderness around her peg site from the normal leakage problem experienced by most.

My Button Buddie © pads have been made with much love, care, and thought in each and every one of them for many years now. Gastro tubes can look scary to adults let alone children - hence my young Buddie Critter range to just bring a little fun, a smile into this way of life whether temporary or permanent.

The top cover is made of cotton, flannel, or microfleece for comfort, the middle layer is 100% wool wadding for absorbency and the third layer (next to the skin) is the ultimate soft and silky natural bamboo terry which is renowned for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic properties, also super absorbent. They are finished with one plastic popper to snap around the Button. Wearing a pad around the peg also helps natural granulation from forming.

Pads should only be used once all healing as finished.

Once soiled the Pad should be changed. They can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Preferably lay flat to dry naturally. Do not use fabric conditioner as this can affect the natural properties of the bamboo terry fabric. The bamboo gets softer after each wash


Your Button Buddies will be sent first class, signed for mail within the UK


If you need to contact Medi Buddies, you can do that HERE.